Create Device

View all the devices you have added to your network, navigate between devices using the search bar and use Edit/ Force Logout/ Delete actions for these devices.

In the list of devices, you can view the name of each device, their online/ offline status on the network, their last seen on the network, the branches they connected to, and the user they are assigned to.

During the quick installation of Timus Manager, the device you are logged into is displayed on the Devices page without any identification.


To create a device for your company network, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Timus Manager> Menu> the Devices page,
  2. Click Create Device button,
  3. Enter Name,
  4. Choose a Site from the Sites list that opens,
  5. Mark Bypass Login for devices that are not capable of obtaining IP addresses using DHCP,
  6. Since devices without a monitor, such as a printer, camera systems, temperature, and motion sensors, cannot define themselves as a user to the system, select Unassigned User in the User section,
  7. Enter MAC Address,
  8. Check Disable SSL Inspection to prevent SSL warnings that may occur on devices that cannot install SSL certificates,
  9. In cases where the device will be assigned an IP Address manually, click Add Static IP, select a Site for the device, and type the IP address,
  10. Click Confirm.