Understanding Timus Dashboards

Timus lets you to control and manage your company's network, including on-premises access, from a single cloud Dashboard.

Monitor your corporate network and see valuable information for your company, such as users, devices, locations, and detailed threats, to deal with incidents at a single glance with the easy management of Timus Dashboards.

To take advantage of Main and ZTNA Dashboard of Timus Manager right away, start to add all your colleagues, devices, and sites to the Timus platform:

  1. Create your initial user,
  2. Create your initial site,
  3. Activate your subscription with set up interface,
  4. Add your devices,
  5. Team up your users,
  6. Choose tags to reduce control dependencies,
  7. Integrate your applications, 
  8. Configure access with RulesRoutesTuning, and Forwarding features,
  9. Configure your network security with DNS filteringMulti-Factor Authentication, and ZTNA services. 
  • Start monitoring the activities on your network with the Dashboard page.
  • View the number of Users/ Devices/ Sites currently online in your network here.
  • View Issues Detected in your network on Dashboard. 
  • Monitor the network traffic and track your network's Most Active Users and Devices from here. 
  • View the latest logs in the Events section.

Timus-Manager dashboard-3


Open the Account page by clicking on the Profile option. It is in the upper right corner of Dashboard.

On this page;

  • Update your account information and profile picture,
  • Change password,
  • Change the session expiration time, which is 30 minutes by default,

Timus-Manager account-1

ZTNA Dashboard 

Click on Menu > Zero Trust Security > Dashboard on the Timus Manager interface.

It is ZTNA Dashboard on the screen. In ZTNA Dashboard, you can view only the most critical detailed access control data provided by Timus' Zero Trust Security feature using Time and Type filters.