This article will help you establish a site-to-site IPsec connection between Timus Networks and UniFi.

IPsec tunnel between Timus - UniFi

UniFi Configuration for Timus:

  • Go to VPN -> Site-to-Site VPN (IPsec).

  • Go to Static Routing page.

Name: Timus_Static_Routing Enabled: Enable this route Type: Static Network: is for WireGuard or is for OpenVPN subnets on Timus by default. If you have changed the subnets, please enter either WireGuard or OpenVPN subnets here. Distance: 10 Static Route Type: You can either select your LAN interface or select Next Hop as the subnet belonging to your LAN like here.

Hit Save after completing the configuration on UniFi - Static routing page.

Timus Configuration for UniFi:

  • Go to the Timus Manager -> Sites -> Create New Please note that you need to have a gateway to be able to create an IPsec tunnel(Connector)

  • After clicking on Create New, you need to select Connector on top and enter an IPsec tunnel name, which is required.



  • After configuring the Phase 1 IKE configuration of Timus, you need to hit Save.

  • After saving, please extend the gateway by clicking on the arrow, and click on the 3 dots at the end of the row. After that, click on View.

  • After clicking on View, you will be the page where you can add/edit the Phase 2 configuration, click on Create New Tunnel to create a Phase 2 configuration for your IPsec.

Phase 2 configuration of Timus:

  • After configuring the Phase 2, click on Save.

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