Create Firewall Rule

Thanks to the web filtering capability called access rule in the Timus platform, you can create customized firewall rules using many parameters and Access Control List. You can limit the access of all components in your network.

Using the features on the Rules page, you can create time-based rules, copy the rule you created, and categorize many websites/applications. 

Manage your user's network access control with easy-to-create firewall rules with Timus Manager. 

To create a rule in your company network using Timus Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Timus Manager > Menu > Rules> the Firewall page,
  2. Click on Create Rule in the upper right corner of the Rules page,
  3. Select Source for which the rule will be applied,
  4. If you want to create a rule for many users, select Teams for Source,
  5. For the validity of the rule, select Action,
  6. Select Destination to which the rule will be applied,
  7. Select Factor to which the rule will be applied,
  8. If you want a rule to be valid on certain days and within a period, click Schedule,
  9. Select Date/Time range,
  10. Click Create Rule.

Timus-Manager create rule

Timus-Manager schedule rule-1