DNS Configuration

Create a new DNS Configuration,

  • Enter domain.
  • Enter an IP address as a Destination.
  • Click Create


Enable Customization: Activating this feature allows the company short name to be edited in the e-mail contents sent to the users by the system.

Organization Alias: You can edit the company short name in the e-mail contents sent to the users by the system.

E-mail Server

  • This is for using the Custom SMTP Server
  • After entering the required information and choose a Connection Type as SSL, TLS, SMTP before you save, 
  • Please, test the connection by clicking the Connection Test button. 




Tunnel Configuration

  • To create a new tunnel configuration, click the create tunnel configuration at the upper right side of the page.
  • Enter a Title.
  • Tunnel Mode can be Through Internet or Through VPN
  • Choose a User, Team or Device for Source.
  • Choose a User, Team, Device, IP or Network for Destination.
  • Click Confirm.



You can enable Tracker to customize the system on the Features tab. 

API Access

Create an Active Directory or Custom server with an expiration date so that applications can use the platform's capabilities.

Follow these steps to create API Access:

  1. Enter a Title,
  2. Select Application Type,
  3. Click Save.

  • Copy Client ID by hovering over Client ID,
  • Show or Copy by hovering over Client Secret
  • Delete the access you created before by clicking the ellipsis on the far right of the API Access line.