View ZTNA Dashboard

Access all user and admin events in your network in summary form in a single page with ZTNA Dashboard.

The easy-to-use ZTNA Dashboard includes the following:

  • Successful Logins
  • Failed Logins
  • High-Risk Login Attempts
  • Lockouts for Failed Logins
  • Sign-In Rules Denies
  • Sign-In Locations as a Map

    Timus-Manager ztna dashboard 1
This dashboard has the following features:
  1. Filter the data you view in widgets using the UserAdministrator Events filter and the Time filter in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

    Timus-Manager ztna dashboard
  2. You can also access the locations of all events using the map in the Sign-In Locations widget. 
  3. Use ctrl+ scroll to zoom the map.
  4. Use the filter map's upper-right corner to view the event types included in the widget. 
  5. You can access login information such as Username, Location, IP Address, and Time by double-clicking on the purple number icons on the map.

    Timus-Manager login map
    Timus-Manager purple locatiob
  6. Furthermore, you can use the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog in the lower-right corner of the map for a better view.
    Timus-Manager keyboard shortcuts
  7. In addition to all this, clicking on the widgets takes you to the Events page. The Events page contains all the User and Administrator Events you want to view with details. 
Timus-Manager click to title-1

Timus-Manager user events
Timus-Manager admin events