Forwarding Rules

You can filter the traffic from many devices to your company network.  You can control access requests sent over your network using TCP and UDP ports.

You can create a new Forwarding rule by going to Timus Manager> Menu> Rules> the Forwarding page.

To create a Forwarding rule, follow these steps:

Select Device, IP, or Network as the port Source,
  1. Enter TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP as Source Port,
  2. Select Device or IP as the Destination,
  3. Select Source Interface,
  4. Click the Destination tab,
  5. Enter an IP for Destination,
  6. Enter TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP as Destination Port.
  7. Enter a description,
  8. If you want to add a time limit to the forwarding rule, click Schedule.
  9. Adjust time for the forwarding in the pop-up,
  10. Click Confirm

You can configure the forwarding rule you created by clicking the ellipsis icon.