View Traffic Logs

This article provides instructions on how to view traffic logs, an important step in troubleshooting agent and network-related issues.

  • View all the traffic in your network with details on Timus Manager> Insights> Traffic Logs page,

  • Search the list using Time, Source, Action, Destination, Factor parameters on the Logs tab.

  • Clear the filters you have created by clicking on Clear All Filters.

  • You can gather more information by clicking the icon in the Details section to identify if there's been an issue.

  • You are able to check the Rule IDs of the traffic logs to detect which rule allows or denies the traffic.

  • If you have previously enabled SSL Inspection for a user or device, you can access detailed data by going to the User or Device tabs.

In the Traffic Logs page, where you can access comprehensive data presented through tables and graphics organized into various tabs. Here's an overview of what you'll find in each tab:

You can download the csv file to get a report for your traffic by clicking on Export at the top right of the screen as shown in the image above.

Only the last 10.000 records will be exported when you have created it.

When you have clicked on the Export button, you will see the pop-up above when the Export process is completed successfully. You can click on Download to get your report.

  • User Tab: User Information Top Most Active Users Detailed User Logs Most Active Devices per User Traffic Analysis Most Frequently Accessed Resources Time Spent by Users

  • Team Tab: Top Most Active Teams Team-specific Activity Data Most Active Devices within Teams Most Used Resources by Teams Time Spent by Teams

  • Device Tab: Device Information Most Active Devices Device-specific Activity Data Most Used Resources by Devices Time Spent on Devices

  • Applications Tab: Most Used Applications Application-specific Usage Data

  • Website Tab: Most Accessed Resources on Websites

  • Network Tab: Most Active Networks

This organized approach allows you to analyze user behavior, team activities, device usage, application preferences, website interactions, and network engagement.

Dive into detailed insights to make informed decisions about your product usage and optimize your resources effectively.

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