Two-Factor Authentication Tips

This article provides additional information to users about the two-factor authentication.

If you trigger a user sign-in policy of Timus Manager with a behavior when you try to login, you may encounter a different authentication method like two-factor authentication.

The Timus Connect App interface could show two different screens based on the policy you have set for two-factor authentication: one with email for 6 digit codes and another with an authenticator app for one-time passwords.

One method for two-factor authentication (2FA) is by using one-time passwords (OTPs) obtained from authenticator applications like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Duo Mobile, etc.

Microsoft Authenticator

When using one-time passwords from Microsoft Authenticator, you need to scan the QR Code provided by the Manager in the Verified IDs section of the authenticator app screen.

Adding personal, work, school, or other accounts does not work for OTPs on the platform.

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