Timus Connect App for iOS User Guide

This document is a guide explaining the use of Timus Connect for iOS application.

This application secures your connection by establishing an encrypted tunnel to the Timus Platform.

Timus Connect App supports iOS 14 or later versions.


  • Download and install the Timus Connect App from https://www.timusnetworks.com/resources/documents-and-downloads/.

  • Administrators can also download the app from Timus Manager > Settings > Downloads page.

  • Open the application. You will see the Timus Connect App End User License Agreement on the screen.

  • Read and agree to the EULA.

  • The e-mail address screen will appear. Enter the e-mail address of your Timus account.

  • Click Sign In.

  • In the next screen, Select a Network and enter your Password to login. If there is only one network, that network will be selected automatically.

  • Click Sign In.

If you trigger a user sign-in policy of Timus Manager with a behavior when you try to login, you may encounter a different authentication method like two-factor authentication.

The screen that opens is the application's main screen. On this screen, you will see the following menu items:

  • Connection

  • Support

  • Settings


Follow the steps below to establish a connection by using the Timus Connect Windows application:

If this account is synchronized from a directory service like Microsoft Entra ID(Azure AD), Okta, or Google Workspace, at this moment the login screen will be forwarded to the login screen of that directory service.

  • The Gateway/Connection screen will appear.

  • Here, you will need to select the Gateway. In the gateway selection list, the active sites to which the user is allowed to access will be available.

If you have just connected to one of the gateways, it will ask for your permission as shown in the image below to be able to let you use the Timus Connect iOS Application. You need to click on Allow to continue.

If you click on Don't Allow not to give the permission for the Timus Connect iOS Application, you will not able to connect to your gateways.

The round-trip traffic duration to each active gateway will be displayed next to the gateway. The lower the duration, the faster the connection.

  • If you want the application to select the gateway for the fastest connection by default, choose Select Fastest.

  • If you want to connect via a specific gateway, select this gateway from the drop-down list.

  • Click Connect and wait for the connection to be established. Connection information will be updated as Connected in a short time.

  • On the connection status screen, you can view the connection status, Private IP Address, and Public IP Address information.

  • While connected, you can click on the Details button to see further details about the connection.

  • Click on Disconnect to disconnect.


On the Support menu, you can

  • Send us your feedback,

  • Report any issues you encounter,

  • Install a configuration profile,

  • Access logs,

  • View the Timus Connect App and system information using the About feature.


  • On the Settings menu, you can change the tunnel protocol to WireGuard or OpenVPN.

  • You can click on Manage Account for changing password, sending an Always-on VPN disconnect request and installing the certificate.

  • You can use the Sign out feature to end your session on Timus Connect App.

If you are unable to modify or turn features on or off, it indicates that the administrator has closed that feature to user selection based on their preference.

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