Manage Sites

This article provides the information to manage the Gateway or Connector (Tunnel) components in your Timus network.

See the actions you can take regarding the location by clicking the ellipsis icon on the right side of the site row:

  • View the detailed information about the connectivity, and site to monitor the network statistics.

The Throughput value is the average throughput value for the WAN interface of this site. The value is calculated with the traffic volume passing through the WAN interface every 5 minutes.

  • Edit the site information, Activate/ Deactivate the Web Filter and Antivirus Services, and change the DNS configuration or Firewall mode.

  • If you Allow Remote Access, Timus technical support team will be able to access the system remotely if required.

  • Delete the site using the Delete feature,

Firewall rules will not be deleted automatically by the Timus Manager when a site is deleted. Even if the gateway is removed, the rules will not disappear. However, without a gateway, the rules become ineffective, and this could lead to security issues if not handled with caution. However, if a new gateway is added, the rules will be automatically reinstated.

When a new connection is established in Stateful mode, packets, and connection states begin to be monitored.

In Stateful+ICMP mode, additional monitoring is done specifically for ICMP packets.

In Stateless mode, the states of the connections are not stored, and each incoming packet is evaluated according to the data in its header information.

The main difference between Stateful and Stateless modes is that while stateful is running, precautions can be taken against some types of attacks related to connection states, while stateless is running this cannot be done. Stateful mode includes the capabilities of stateless mode. The recommended operating mode is Stateful.

  • To configure your network preferences, click the ellipsis icon on the site's row and select View.

  • Then, click the ellipsis icon on the network's row and select Details.

    In the Network window, you can change the network Name, the status of the SSL Inspection and modify the Internal/external DNSes and Search Domains.

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