View Site Details

This article explains how to view site details on Timus Manager.

Your network consists of components such as Gateways and IPsec tunnels. These components enable your users to securely access your resources on-premises and in the cloud and can be viewed in detail on the Sites page of the Timus Manager.

  • To view the site details, go to Timus Manager and click on the Sites page.

  • Find the site whose details you want to view and click on the ellipsis icon in the corresponding row.

  • Select "View" to access the page with site details.

  • This page contains a summary table titled "Connectivity." The table provides information on three parameters: Connection Health: indicates the overall status and reliability of the connections Throughput: refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted through the network within a given time frame, indicating the network's capacity. Efficiency: measures how effectively the network utilizes its resources to transmit data.

    This Connectivity section helps you make informed decisions or take necessary actions to optimize network connectivity.

  • The Network Statistics graph shows the Health or Throughput data for the Primary WAN over the Last 7/15 Days, Last Month, or Custom date range.

  • List of the networks of the site.

  • Site information widget shows the most important details about the site and has the ability to configure the site with the Edit feature at the upper right of the widget.

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