Active Directory

This article explains the process of synchronizing your Active Directory users and groups with Timus Manager

To use this integration, you must install the Directory Connector Agent to your main Active Directory server. This agent will sync your AD with your Timus Manager account.

Before initiating the synchronization process and downloading the agent, follow the steps below:

  • Create API Access by going to Timus Manager> Settings> Configuration> API Access tab.

  • Click Create API Access on the top right of the page.

  • Enter a Title.

  • Choose the Application Type. (Active Directory/ Custom)

  • Click Save.

  1. After creating an API Access, you will view the required information to log in to Directory Connector.

  2. Copy and Save this Client ID and Client Secret you see on the screen.

  3. Go back to the Active Directory integration screen and click on Download Agent.

  4. Open Timus Directory Connector Agent.

  5. Enter the key and secret here.

  6. Click the Sign in button.

  1. When you open the Timus Directory Connector, you will be presented with the main screen that features two tabs: Sync and Logs.

  2. Enter the requested AD domain and admin credentials in the Synchronization tab.

  3. Click Save.

In the Logs tab, you can view all traffic on the agent under Log Time/ Type and Details parameters.

  1. Navigate to the Active Directory integration area in Timus Manager and enable the Synchronization Status.

  2. Groups transferred from the directory can now be viewed here.

  3. Map groups with Timus Manager.

  4. Select the Remote Access that users will be able to connect to.

Select the sites that users will be able to connect. This selection only applies during the initial synchronization of a user. You can change the allowed sites of the existing users in user settings or bulk actions.

The synchronization process may require up to 30 minutes, but it could potentially take longer.

The duration of the synchronization depends on the amount of information you are synchronizing from Active Directory.

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