View User Traffic

This article explains how to view user traffic and their details on your network.

To view detailed user traffic for each user, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Timus Manager > Insights > Traffic Logs page.

  2. You can view all traffic on the Logs tab without navigating to other tabs.

  3. To configure the list, utilize the search bar. To view a specific user's traffic, navigate to the Source heading.

  4. Click on "Select" here.

  5. Click on "User".

  6. Click on "Start typing..." Select a user or scroll down the dropdown menu to find a user and view their traffic logs.

Click on the "Search" button.

By clicking the Search button, you can access a list displaying all the traffic generated by this user on your network.

To access the details of the traffic logs listed, click on the blue info icon located at the far right of the respective line.

You can use the Search bar to display more specific information about the logs you want to see.

Simply insert the desired columns with the appropriate command:

Time: Select the Start and End date of the traffic logs you want to display on the list.

Action: Choose between Drop or Allow.

Destination: Specify Team, Device, IP, Network, Site, or Any.

Factor: Specify Application, Category, Website, Keywords, or Any.

  1. Similarly, to see a user's traffic logs and in general, to view all user's traffic logs Click the User tab on this page.

  2. To view detailed user traffic, select a user from the Select section at the top of the page.

After selecting the user, you display the following information on the page.

  • Most Active Users,

  • Users Logs,

  • The user's Most Active Devices,

  • Traffic,

  • Applications and Websites as the user's Most Used Resources,

  • Time Spent as applications and websites where the user spends the most time,

  • The user's Events on your network.

You can also view traffic details for the following components by going to the Insights dropdown > Traffic Logs page:

  • Logs

  • User

  • Team

  • Device

  • Application

  • Website

  • Network

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