Create Site

Follow these steps to create a site in your network: 

  1. Go to Timus Manager > Menu > Sites.
  2. Click Create Site.
  3. You will view the Gateway and Connector tabs in the pop-up. 
  4. On the Gateway tab, enter a Name and select a Region.
  5. Select Automated or the Manual option for Subnet Automation.
  6. Click Save.
You have created/ set up a site.

Subnet Automation is a feature that simplifies many devices' setup and network management processes and enables automatic IP Subnet Assignment. Select the Manual option here if you want to manage the IP Subnet masks yourself.


In about 5 minutes, your Primary WAN and networks as secure connection tunnels: OpenVPN and WireGuard will be created automatically on the site you created.

  1. To view and configure these networks, click on the ellipsis icon on the line with the site's name on the Sites page after the networks are created automatically on the side of Timus.
  2. Click View.
  3. The page that opens is the page with site information. There are networks at the bottom of the page.
  4. You can view the details of the networks by clicking the ellipsis icon in the network row and clicking Details that opens.
  5. On the Details page that opens, you can configure the network.