Custom Web Filter Ports

This article provides instructions on how to manage and configure the Custom Web Filter Ports.

  • To be able to manage and configure the Web Filter Ports, you need to go to the Timus Manager -> Sites -> hit the 3 dots at the end of the Gateway, of which web filter port numbers you would like to change.

  • Once you click on 3 dots, you will be able to see the View page of the gateway, and you need to click on 3 dots at the right top of the page and follow the Custom Ports in order to manage the Web Filter ports.

  • The Protocol can be either Custom HTTP or Custom HTTPS. By default, the HTTP port is 80 TCP and HTTPS port is 443 TCP.

  • You are not allowed to delete the default ports, 80 TCP and 443 TCP, running over the Web Filter. However, you are fully allowed to customize and add more port numbers for both HTTP and HTTPS.

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