IPsec Logs

This article provides instructions on how to view IPsec logs to troubleshoot IPsec site-to-site tunnels.

  • To be able to view the IPsec logs you need to go to the Timus Manager -> Sites -> hit the 3 dots at the end of the Gateway, which you would like to have an IPsec tunnel with.

  • Once you click on 3 dots, you will be able to see the View page of the gateway, and you need to click on 3 dots at the right top of the page and follow the View Connector Logs in order to see the logs belonging to the IPsec.

  • The IPsec logs are refreshed every 3 minutes.

  • Once you click on View Connector Logs, you will be able to see the logs regarding the IPsec tunnel, which you would like to establish.

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