Web Categories and Rules

This article explains the process of creating firewall rules for a website or categories of websites. Furthermore, it explains you more details about the name of the categories and their descriptions in detail.

To be able to manage and use the Web Categories, you need to go to the page the Timus Manager -> Rules -> Web Categories.

  • If you want to look up the domain, you can use the search bar to enter a domain to search as shown in the image below.

  • We support Import functionality for the domain entries with a csv file, you can click on Import to be able to add the domains faster as shown in the image below. You can click on Download Sample and you can add your domains accordingly.

  • You can either customize a web category by clicking on Create New or use the pre-defined categories as shown in the image below.

  • As an example, here is a new created category called Knowledge Base and there are 2 domains www.timusnetworks.com and timusnetworks.com in it.

  • You can either Include the domains or exclude the domains by editing the web category. Please note that you are not allowed to edit or delete the predefined web categories.


The "Adult" category comprises web pages containing images or videos depicting sexual acts, sexual arousal, or explicit nude imagery with a sexual intent. It also includes pages that use frequent or serious profanity. Additionally, this category encompasses pages whose primary content is child-appropriate, but with regular or irregular sections featuring sexually themed, non-educational material. Web pages with sexual content, products, or services related to sex, but without explicit nudity, are part of this category. It also includes pages featuring tasteless content, such as cruelty to animals, bathroom humor, and other potentially inappropriate material for children.


The "Alcohol" category includes web pages that promote, advocate, or sell alcohol, encompassing a variety of beverages such as beer, wine, and hard liquor. These pages may feature information about different types of alcoholic products, brands, and related events. They could also provide details on the production, distribution, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, these web pages might offer the option to purchase alcohol online or provide resources for locating physical stores selling such products. The content within this category is focused on the promotion and commercial aspects of the alcohol industry.


The "Anonymizers" category includes web pages that promote the use of proxies and anonymizers. These tools are intended to facilitate anonymous and unrestricted access to websites by bypassing filters and other online restrictions. Anonymizers are often employed to conceal the user's identity and location, allowing them to browse the internet without revealing personal information. These pages may provide information, tools, or services related to the use of proxies for the purpose of maintaining online privacy and evading content restrictions.


The "Banking" category encompasses web pages operated by or dedicated to banks and credit unions, with a specific focus on online banking applications. This category excludes online brokerages, concentrating on financial institutions providing services related to traditional and digital banking, including account management, transactions, and financial services.

Business & Services

The "Business & Services" category encompasses a wide array of web pages, covering real estate transactions, agriculture-related information, construction and architectural services, genetics research, and biotechnology firms. It serves as a general category for businesses not fitting into more specific classifications, including furniture makers and retail outlets. The insurance sector is also represented, spanning various types from health to car insurance. The category further includes manufacturing and industrial production businesses, as well as those involved in security products and services, excluding computer security. Information on retirement homes and communities, inventory management, and connections within communities are also part of this diverse category, along with advertising agencies and marketing services, excluding online banner ads. In essence, "Business & Services" provides a comprehensive overview of commercial and service-related content.


The "Chat" category encompasses web pages designed for real-time communication, featuring chat rooms and messaging functionalities that facilitate group discussions among strangers or friends in both public and private settings. These pages serve as platforms for interactive conversations, allowing users to engage in discussions with others. Additionally, the category includes instant messaging software and web pages that enable users to stay connected with a list of "buddies" through messaging services. In essence, "Chat" provides diverse means for individuals to communicate in real-time, fostering both group interactions and one-on-one conversations through messaging platforms.

Content Servers

The "Content Servers" category includes web servers that lack navigable web pages and are primarily employed for hosting images and other media files. These servers play a crucial role in enhancing web page performance and site scalability by offloading media content delivery. Instead of serving complete web pages, they focus on efficiently delivering media elements, reducing page load times and optimizing the overall user experience. Content servers are integral to content delivery networks (CDNs) and are strategically positioned to distribute multimedia content, ensuring faster and more reliable access to images and other media resources for website visitors.

Criminal Activities

The "Criminal Activities" category includes web pages that promote extreme ideologies, discrimination, and hate based on factors like political affiliation, gender, race, or religion. Additionally, it encompasses pages that promote illegal drugs, including information on common illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs. Content depicting physical or sexual abuse of children is also covered in this category. Moreover, the category includes web pages providing information on illegal activities such as burglary, murder, bomb-making, and lock picking. Pages with tools and information facilitating online crime, unauthorized access to computers, and fraud are part of this category. Furthermore, it involves content related to marijuana, covering aspects like legalization, medicinal use, and general information. Lastly, the category includes pages that provide access to illegally obtained files, such as pirated software, movies, and music, as well as sites offering assistance in cheating on homework and tests.

Culture & Arts

The "Culture & Arts" category encompasses web pages related to the development or display of the visual arts. This includes platforms featuring various forms of artistic expression, such as paintings, sculptures, and other visual creations. Additionally, the category includes web pages dedicated to published writings, spanning fiction and non-fiction novels, poems, and biographies. These pages serve as platforms for authors and literary enthusiasts to share and explore written works across different genres and styles.


The "Dating" category encompasses web pages that are focused on promoting relationships, including dating and marriage. These websites are designed to facilitate connections between individuals seeking romantic partnerships. They may feature profiles, matchmaking services, and communication tools to help users interact and potentially form long-term relationships. The content typically revolves around dating advice, relationship tips, and platforms for meeting and connecting with potential partners.


The "Education" category comprises a variety of web pages tailored to facilitate learning and academic pursuits. It includes pages for schools with an online presence, encompassing universities, private and public schools, and other real-world educational institutions that offer online resources and information. Additionally, the category covers web pages hosting academic publications, journals, research findings, curriculum details, online learning courses, and materials, providing a comprehensive repository for scholarly content and educational tools. These pages cater to students, researchers, and educators seeking valuable resources for academic enrichment. Furthermore, "Education" includes web pages containing reference materials, offering data compilations and reference shelf content such as atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, census data, and other reference materials. These resources contribute to a well-rounded educational experience, supporting users in their quest for knowledge and information.


The "Entertainment" category encompasses a diverse range of web pages designed to provide amusement and enjoyment. This includes pages featuring comics, jokes, and other humorous content to elicit laughter and entertainment. Furthermore, it includes platforms offering internet radio, streaming media, and downloads related to musicians, bands, MP3s, and various media content. Additionally, the category covers web pages dedicated to animated TV shows, movies, comic books, and graphic novels, catering to fans of animated and illustrated entertainment. News and gossip about celebrities, television shows, movies, and the broader entertainment industry are also featured, keeping users informed about the latest developments. Moreover, "Entertainment" includes pages devoted to the venues of entertainment, such as comedy clubs, nightclubs, discos, festivals, theaters, and playhouses, offering information about places where entertainment events unfold. Lastly, the category encompasses web pages providing comprehensive content about television shows and movies, including reviews, showtimes, plot summaries, discussions, teasers, and marketing materials, creating an immersive experience for enthusiasts.


The "Environment" category encompasses web pages dedicated to fostering awareness and understanding of environmental issues. These pages provide information on various aspects of sustainability, including sustainable living practices and initiatives. Additionally, the category covers content related to ecology, delving into the study of ecosystems, biodiversity, and the interactions between organisms and their environments. Furthermore, these web pages offer insights into nature and the environment, sharing knowledge on topics like wildlife conservation, natural habitats, and environmental conservation efforts. By compiling information on environmental issues, the category serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to stay informed about the state of the planet and ways to contribute to its preservation.


The "Finance" category encompasses web pages related to various aspects of financial management. This includes discussions on economics, investing strategies, money management, retirement planning, and tax planning. Additionally, the category covers web pages providing investment quotes, online portfolio tracking, and financial calculation tools such as mortgage calculators. It also includes platforms offering online tax preparation software, online bill payment services, and online budget tracking tools. Furthermore, investment brokerage web pages that facilitate online trading of stocks, mutual funds, and other securities fall under this category, catering to individuals seeking financial information and services.


The "Gambling" category encompasses web pages that promote various forms of gambling, lotteries, casinos, and betting agencies that involve chance. These pages are dedicated to providing information, services, or platforms for individuals interested in participating in games of chance, betting on various events, or engaging in other forms of gambling activities. They may cover topics such as online casinos, sports betting, lottery ticket sales, and other games of chance where participants have the opportunity to win prizes or money based on luck or probability.


The "Games" category encompasses web pages that revolve around computer games, game producers, and online gaming. These websites are dedicated to the world of gaming, offering a platform for enthusiasts to explore and engage with various computer games. They may include information about game developers, reviews, walkthroughs, and discussions about gaming strategies. Online gaming platforms within this category facilitate multiplayer interactions, allowing users to connect and compete with each other over the internet. Overall, the content is centered on the gaming industry, covering a wide range of gaming-related topics and activities.

Health & Medical

The "Health & Medical" category comprises web pages with diverse content related to health and medical topics: Information on prescribed medications and approved drugs, providing details about their medical use. Discussion of abortion from various perspectives, including historical, medical, and legal viewpoints. Content dedicated to personal health, medical services, equipment, procedures, mental health, and information on finding healthcare providers. Resources on weight loss, healthy eating, diet plans, weight loss programs, and information on food allergies. Web pages offering support and information for various addictions, including gambling, drugs, and alcohol, as well as assistance for eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and overeating. Educational materials and clinical explanations of sex, safe sex, birth control, pregnancy, tailored for teens and children. Information on vitamins, over-the-counter supplements, and unregulated compounds."

Internet Phone

The "Internet Phone" category includes web pages facilitating voice communication over the Internet. These pages enable users to make calls directly through the web, eliminating the need for traditional telephone lines. Additionally, the category encompasses web pages where users can download software that enables voice calls over the Internet, often referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications. These platforms offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone services, allowing users to make calls from their computers or mobile devices. Whether through in-browser applications or downloadable software, the category provides options for users seeking Internet-based communication solutions, contributing to the evolution of modern telecommunications.


The "Kids" category encompasses web pages tailored specifically for children under 10, offering entertainment, games, and recreational content designed with the young audience in mind. These pages aim to provide a safe and engaging online environment for children to explore and enjoy age-appropriate activities. Additionally, the category includes web pages dedicated to manufacturers of toys. These pages often serve as platforms for toy-selling and marketing, showcasing a variety of products for children and providing information about the latest trends and offerings in the world of toys.


The "Lifestyle" category encompasses a variety of web pages catering to diverse aspects of personal interests and daily life. It includes pages focused on astrology, horoscopes, and divination based on celestial elements like the stars and the zodiac. Additionally, this category comprises web pages dedicated to fashion and beauty tips, covering products such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and perfume. Moreover, fitness and recreational activities are also part of this category, offering tips and information on staying active and healthy. Furthermore, "Lifestyle" includes content related to crafts and hobbies, ranging from sewing to stamp collecting and model airplane building. The category extends to activities within the home and family, providing insights into parenting, interior decorating, gardening, cleaning, and family-related tips. Recreational spaces like parks and areas for non-professional sports are included, catering to community athletic fields and activities like swimming, skateboarding, and rock climbing. Web pages featuring pictures of people in swimsuits are part of this category, excluding images of swimsuits without individuals. Finally, "Lifestyle" covers a broad spectrum of food-related content, spanning restaurants, dining, cooking, and recipes.


The "Malicious" category encompasses web pages involved in various forms of cyber threats and fraudulent activities. This includes pages that have been compromised by unauthorized individuals, maintaining a facade of legitimacy while harboring malicious code. The category also covers manipulated web pages and emails used for fraudulent schemes, commonly known as phishing. Additionally, it involves web pages or compromised servers running software exploited by hackers for activities like sending spam, conducting phishing attacks, and executing denial of service attacks. The inclusion of internet servers sending commands to infected machines, termed "bots," is part of this category. Furthermore, the category identifies web pages acting as spyware, reporting information to specific URLs, as well as those hosting viruses, exploits, and various forms of malware. Finally, it encompasses web pages containing software reporting information to a central server, such as spyware or keystroke loggers.


The "Military" category comprises web pages that are sponsored by the armed forces and government-controlled agencies. These pages are typically authorized and maintained by military entities, serving as official platforms to disseminate information about the armed forces' activities, missions, and initiatives. Users can find updates on military strategies, training programs, and relevant news on these pages. Additionally, these platforms may offer resources for recruitment, providing details about enlistment procedures and career opportunities within the military. Overall, the "Military" category serves as an authoritative source for official military communications and engagement with the public.


The "Miscellaneous" category comprises web pages that don't fit into specific predefined categories. Additionally, it incorporates pages with no clear content for classification, those associated with private IP addresses reserved for internal use, pages displaying network errors like "Network Timeout" or "Address Not Found," and those facilitating the sending or receiving of online greeting cards.

Motorized Vehicles

The "Motorized Vehicles" category encompasses web pages providing information about motorized vehicles, covering aspects such as selling, promotion, and discussion. This includes content related to motorized vehicle manufacturers as well as platforms specifically dedicated to the buying and selling of these vehicles. Users can find details about various types of motorized vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and other similar modes of transportation. These pages serve as valuable resources for individuals interested in purchasing, selling, or learning more about different motorized vehicles, contributing to a comprehensive online automotive community.


The "News" category encompasses web pages that provide general news information, including newspapers and magazines. These platforms serve as online sources for a wide range of news articles, covering local, national, and international events. Users can access up-to-date information on various topics, including politics, economics, sports, entertainment, and more. These websites often feature multimedia elements such as images and videos to enhance the news delivery. The "News" category plays a crucial role in keeping the public informed about current affairs and events, serving as a comprehensive online resource for accessing diverse and timely news content.


The "Nudity" category comprises web pages that present either full or partial nudity without any sexual references or intent. It also includes content featuring individuals wearing sexually provocative clothing, such as lingerie, in photos and videos. This category is specifically focused on depictions of the human form and clothing choices that may be considered sexually suggestive. It does not, however, involve explicit sexual content or references. In summary, "Nudity" encompasses content that showcases nudity in a non-sexual context and includes imagery of individuals in sexually provocative attire.

Online Ads

The "Online Ads" category includes web pages exclusively dedicated to advertising graphics, banners, or pop-up ad content. These pages serve as platforms for displaying various forms of online advertisements, contributing to digital marketing efforts. Additionally, the category encompasses web pages that participate in "Pay To Surf" programs, where users are offered cash incentives for installing software that displays ads and tracks their browsing habits. These programs enable users to earn money while navigating the web, creating a unique approach to online advertising and user compensation.

Parked Domains

"Parked Domains" refer to web pages that have been acquired primarily to reserve a specific domain name but lack substantial or meaningful content. These domains are purchased for various reasons, such as future website development, branding, or investment. Typically, parked domains display minimal content, often limited to placeholder pages or advertisements. The main purpose is to secure the desired domain name for potential use while the actual website or content development is pending. This category reflects a common practice in the domain industry, where individuals or businesses reserve domains for future projects or to capitalize on valuable web addresses.

Personal Blogs

"Personal Blogs" encompass web pages that feature blogs, providing individuals with a platform to share personal news, opinions, and information. These blogs serve as a medium for self-expression, allowing individuals to narrate their experiences, insights, and thoughts. Additionally, the category includes personal web pages dedicated to individuals or their families, offering a space for personal storytelling, updates, and reflections. This diverse category reflects the varied and subjective nature of personal expression on the internet, allowing users to connect through shared experiences and perspectives.

Pets & Animals

The "Pets & Animals" category encompasses web pages that provide information, products, and services related to pets and various other animals, including birds, fish, and insects. These pages may offer details on pet care, nutrition, training, and health, catering to the diverse needs of pet owners and animal enthusiasts. Additionally, the category may include online platforms facilitating the sale or adoption of pets, as well as resources covering the general well-being and characteristics of different animal species. Whether it's tips for pet owners, product reviews, or discussions on animal behavior, these web pages contribute to fostering a comprehensive understanding of pets and animals.

Politics & Law

The "Politics & Law" category encompasses web pages that provide information on legislation, the legislative process, politics, political parties, elections, elected officials, and various opinions on these topics. These pages serve as comprehensive resources for individuals seeking insights into the legal and political landscape, covering both the theoretical aspects of legislation and practical elements of the legislative process. Additionally, the category delves into political parties, offering details on their ideologies, activities, and key members. It also includes content related to elections, providing information on candidates, voting processes, and election outcomes. In summary, "Politics & Law" serves as a hub for a wide range of political and legal information, fostering understanding and discussion on these crucial societal matters.

Professional Networks

The "Professional Networks" category comprises social networking web pages specifically designed for professionals, focusing on building and nurturing business relationships. These platforms cater to individuals seeking to connect with others in their industry, share insights, and expand their professional networks. Users often create profiles highlighting their professional experience, skills, and achievements, fostering a space for career-oriented discussions and collaboration. These platforms may offer features such as job postings, industry-specific forums, and tools for networking events, enhancing opportunities for career development, mentorship, and knowledge exchange within a professional context.

Public & Government

The "Public & Government" category encompasses web pages that focus on various facets of government and public service. It includes content related to government organizations, departments, and agencies, covering areas such as police, city-employed fire departments, elections commissions, and elected representatives. Additionally, the category features web pages dedicated to industry trade groups, lobbyists, unions, special interest groups, professional organizations, and other associations with members sharing common goals. Furthermore, the category extends to web pages containing information about charities and non-profit philanthropic organizations. These pages are specifically dedicated to altruistic activities and foundations contributing to public welfare. In essence, "Public & Government" covers a diverse range of content related to governance, public services, advocacy, and charitable initiatives.

Redirect Websites

The "Redirect Websites" category encompasses web pages designed to redirect users to other pages on different websites. These pages serve as intermediaries, automatically directing visitors to another destination on the internet. This category primarily involves sites that act as conduits for redirection rather than hosting substantial content themselves. In summary, "Redirect Websites" focuses on pages that function as links or pathways, guiding users to specific destinations on the web.


The "Religion" category features web pages covering mainstream popular religions worldwide, offering insights into general religion topics and theological discussions. Whether examining alternative belief systems or delving into well-established faiths, the category also provides a platform for exploring and understanding the diverse landscape of spiritual beliefs. Additionally, the category includes web pages dedicated to religions outside of the mainstream or not among the top ten practiced globally. This involves exploration into occult and supernatural beliefs, extraterrestrial concepts, folk religions, mysticism, as well as cults and sects. Moreover, the category encompasses a diverse range of web pages, including those that critique or challenge religious, spiritual, metaphysical, or supernatural beliefs. These pages may pursue an anti-religion agenda, fostering discussions on diverse perspectives.

Remote Access

The "Remote Access" category includes web pages that offer the capability to access private computers or networks remotely. These platforms facilitate entry into internal network file shares and web applications, enabling users to connect to and interact with their devices or networks from a distance. This type of service is often used for convenience, allowing individuals to access their files or applications securely from different locations, contributing to flexible work arrangements and enhanced accessibility. However, it's crucial to ensure the security of such remote access to prevent unauthorized entry and protect sensitive information.


The "Science" category encompasses a variety of topics related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It includes web pages that provide information on academic publications, research institutions, scientific discoveries, and technological developments. These pages cover a range of subjects, including scientific methodology, experiments, findings, and discussions within the scientific community. The category also addresses topics such as scientific research, breakthroughs, and advancements. In essence, the "Science" category compiles a broad spectrum of information related to science and technology.


The "Shopping" category encompasses websites and pages that provide a platform for online purchasing, as well as those dedicated to helping consumers compare products or stores, even if they don't directly facilitate online transactions Additionally, the category covers web pages featuring product listings and catalogs, although they may lack an online shopping option. These pages serve as informative resources for potential buyers. Furthermore, the category involves web pages dedicated to online sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, and raffles. These activities aim not only to engage users but also to gather consumer information and demographics, serving as integral components of marketing strategies. Moreover, the category includes pages specifically designed for listing promotional codes and coupons, whether for printing for retail use or for use in online shopping. Lastly, the category encompasses a variety of online activities related to commerce. It includes web pages facilitating person-to-person selling or trading of goods and services through methods like classifieds and online auctions, emphasizing a peer-to-peer approach distinct from traditional business-to-consumer models.

SMS Messaging

The "SMS Messaging" category comprises web pages designed for sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) text messages between a web page and a mobile phone. These platforms facilitate communication by allowing users to exchange text messages through a web interface, bridging the gap between web-based applications and mobile devices. Users can utilize these pages to conveniently send and receive SMS messages, enabling quick and direct communication without the need for a dedicated messaging app on their mobile phones. The category serves as a practical solution for individuals seeking web-based SMS functionalities for various purposes.

Social Networks

The "Social Networks" category encompasses web pages and online communities designed for social networking. These platforms facilitate connections among users, allowing them to interact, share information, and build relationships within a digital community. Users typically create profiles, share updates, and connect with others who share similar interests or affiliations. Social networks serve as virtual spaces for communication, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, fostering a sense of community among their users. The category includes a diverse range of platforms where individuals connect with others to form online social circles.

Software Downloads

The "Software Downloads" category encompasses web pages that host collections of shareware, freeware, open source, and other software downloads. These pages provide users with access to a variety of software applications that can be downloaded and installed on their computers. The software offered may include a range of functionalities, from productivity tools to multimedia applications, and users can typically choose from different types of software based on their needs and preferences.


"Spam" in this context refers to products and web pages that are promoted through spam techniques. Spam typically involves the unsolicited and indiscriminate sending of electronic messages, often via email, with the intent of advertising products or services. In the online context, this category encompasses web pages that are either directly advertised through spam or are associated with products and services promoted in this manner. Spamming techniques can include mass emailing, deceptive advertising, and other unsolicited promotional activities. Websites falling under this category may engage in practices that are considered intrusive, misleading, or unwanted by users, making them subject to anti-spam measures and regulations.


The "Sports" category includes web pages covering recreational hunting of live animals. It also encompasses pages related to competitive sports, involving multiple people or teams in both athletic (e.g., football) and non-athletic competitions (e.g., billiards). Additionally, this category is dedicated to web pages focused on training and contests related to fighting disciplines and multi-person combat sports, including martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and fencing.

Store & Share Files

The "Store & Share Files" category incorporates web pages associated with various aspects of file storage and sharing. This includes pages offering peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software, facilitating the direct exchange of files between users. Additionally, the category covers web platforms utilized for remote storage, large file sharing, and remote Internet backups, providing users with the ability to store and access files from different locations. Furthermore, it encompasses pages that host digital photographs, allowing users to upload, search, and exchange photos and images online. In essence, "Store & Share Files" caters to diverse file-sharing needs, ranging from software-based peer-to-peer sharing to remote storage and photo hosting services.


The "Streaming" category includes web pages with repositories of music or those providing streaming music and other audio files, potentially posing a bandwidth risk to companies. It also covers pages with repositories of videos or offering in-browser streaming videos that may pose a bandwidth risk to companies.


The "Technology" category encompasses a diverse range of web pages focusing on various aspects of modern technology. Web Design and Internet Standards: Web pages in this category cover web design, internet standards (such as RFCs), protocol specifications, and other discussions or news related to broad technology topics. Computer and Network Security: This section includes web pages and companies providing computer and network security services, hardware, software, or information to ensure online safety. Mobile Phones: Web pages featuring content related to mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone companies' websites, as well as sites that sell mobile phones and accessories. Online Personal Information Managers: This category involves web pages dedicated to online personal information managers, including web applications managing to-do lists, calendars, address books, and similar functions. Computer Equipment and Software: Web pages offering information about or made by manufacturers of computer equipment, computer software, hardware, peripherals, data networks, computer services, and electronics. Web Hosting and Internet Services: This section covers web pages related to web hosting and blog hosting sites, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and telecommunication (phone) companies, providing services for online presence and connectivity."


The "Tobacco" category consists of web pages that promote and endorse the use of tobacco-related products, such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. These pages likely feature information, advertisements, and promotional content aimed at encouraging the consumption of tobacco. Users visiting these platforms may encounter details about different tobacco brands, flavors, and smoking experiences, with the primary goal of attracting and informing consumers about the diverse range of tobacco offerings in the market.

Torrent Repositories

"Torrent Repositories" encompass web pages that host repositories of torrent files. Torrent files serve as instruction sets for BitTorrent clients, guiding them on how to download large files from multiple peers across the internet. These repositories provide a centralized location for users to discover and access a diverse range of torrents, facilitating the distribution of data through the peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol. The category is instrumental for individuals seeking specific files or content distributed through the BitTorrent network, offering a convenient and organized platform for torrent file exploration and retrieval.


The "Translator" category comprises web pages that facilitate the translation of languages from one to another. These platforms and tools are designed to help users overcome language barriers by converting text or content from a source language to a target language. Users can input phrases, sentences, or documents, and the web pages utilize language processing algorithms to provide accurate and coherent translations. This category serves individuals seeking linguistic assistance for communication, content comprehension, or collaboration across different language backgrounds. The focus is on promoting accessibility and understanding by offering efficient and reliable language translation services through online platforms.


The "Travel" category encompasses web pages that offer comprehensive travel and tourism information, facilitating online booking and access to various travel services. These services may include details about airlines, car rentals, and hotels, allowing users to plan and organize their trips efficiently. These web platforms aim to serve as convenient hubs for individuals seeking travel-related resources, offering a one-stop solution for itinerary planning, reservations, and other travel-related needs. Users can access information about destinations, flight schedules, accommodation options, and transportation services to enhance their travel experience.


The "Violence" category comprises web pages that promote questionable activities, particularly those related to violence and militancy. These pages may contain content that advocates or glorifies violent behavior, extremism, or militant ideologies. This category is likely to include materials that endorse or provide information on harmful actions, encouraging users to engage in violent or aggressive behavior. The primary focus is on content that raises concerns about public safety and ethical considerations. These web pages may pose risks in terms of influencing individuals towards violent actions or supporting extremist ideologies.


The "Weapons" category includes web pages that feature guns and other weapons, specifically when presented in a non-violent context. These pages are intended for users interested in firearms and weaponry for purposes such as collection, historical study, or educational exploration. The focus is on presenting information about guns and weapons without promoting or glorifying their use in a violent manner. This category caters to individuals seeking knowledge, discussions, or content related to firearms for non-aggressive purposes, emphasizing responsible and lawful engagement with these objects.

Web-based Email

The "Web-based Email" category encompasses web pages that provide users with the capability to send and receive emails through online platforms. These services offer web-accessible email accounts, allowing users to manage their electronic correspondence from any internet-connected device. Users can compose, send, receive, and organize emails through the web browser interface without the need for standalone email clients. This category facilitates convenient and accessible communication, enabling users to stay connected and manage their emails seamlessly across various devices through a web-based platform.

Wikis & Forums

The "Wikis & Forums" category encompasses web pages that facilitate community-driven content creation and collaboration. In wikis, community members contribute to and update informational documents collectively, fostering a dynamic and evolving knowledge base accessible to anyone within the community. Forums, newsgroups, email archives, and bulletin boards are platforms dedicated to community-driven discussions, allowing users to engage in conversations, share information, and seek advice. These spaces often serve as valuable resources for exchanging ideas, troubleshooting issues, and building a sense of community among participants.

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