Cloud - 1.14.0

New Features

Tag Management

Tag Management feature provides a streamlined interface for managing tags. Administrators can easily assign tags to users, teams, and devices from a single page.

Export Functionality for Productivity Reports

Administrators can now export productivity reports for users, teams, and applications as CSV files, improving data accessibility.

Password Expiration Policy

Password expiration feature now available in our password policies! Administrators can set password validity periods for users, helping to mitigate security risks associated with old passwords.


Enhanced Web Category Management

The Access Control List page has been renamed to Web Categories with significant enhancements. Administrators can now manage both predefined and custom web categories from a single interface, and bulk import of domain lists is supported.

ZTNA Widgets in Automated Reports

ZTNA widgets are now included in Automated Reports, allowing administrators to view ZTNA event reports for selected date ranges. These reports provide insights into successful and unsuccessful login attempts, as well as the geographical locations of these attempts on a map, which can be periodically sent via email.

Partner Portal Login Events

Partner Portal login events are now logged and reported, enabling our partners to monitor login attempts and take early actions against potentially harmful attempts.

Web Filter Rule Tracking

Traffic logs now include rule IDs, providing administrators with information about associated firewall rules. This makes it easier to identify and adjust rules affecting network traffic if necessary.

Resolved Issues

We have implemented several minor fixes to enhance overall performance and user experience. These updates address small issues to ensure smoother and more reliable operation across the platform.

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